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Jimmy Carter

Full Name:James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr.



Prominence:205 (52 Appearances, 153 Mentions)
Rank:#28 (#6 Real)

Mentioned:May 10, 1976
First Appearance:Sep 8, 1976
Last Appearance:Nov 8, 1998

Associated Characters:
Duane Delacourt (31)
Roland Hedley (30)
Mike Doonesbury (27)
Rick Redfern (25)
Zonker Harris (24)
Ronald Reagan (17)
Uncle Duke (16)
Mark Slackmeyer (15)
Hamilton Jordan (15)
Ted Kennedy (14)

Associated Locations:
White House (70)
United States (46)
Walden Commune (46)
Washington, D.C. (41)
Atlanta, GA (13)
Vietnam (7)
Soviet Union (7)
Santa Monica, CA (7)

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