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Mike Doonesbury

Full Name:Michael James "Mike" Doonesbury



Prominence:2520 (2422 Appearances, 98 Mentions)

First Appearance:Oct 26, 1970
Last Appearance:Jul 24, 2005

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The titular character. Works in advertising. Husband to J.J. Caucus. A founding resident of Walden Commune while a student at Walden College.

Associated Characters:
Zonker Harris (658)
J.J. Caucus (468)
Alex Doonesbury (398)
Mark Slackmeyer (359)
Kim Rosenthal (250)
B.D. Dowling (240)
Bernie (189)
Boopsie Boopstein (129)
Roland Hedley (122)
Joanie Caucus (113)

Associated Locations:
Seattle, WA (540)
Walden Commune (485)
East Village, Manhattan, NYC, NY (462)
United States (436)
Walden College (271)
Walden (237)
Washington, D.C. (130)
White House (107)
New York City, NY (107)
World Trade Center, Manhattan, NYC, NY (84)

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