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The Doonesbury Navigator is a resource for navigating, understanding, and searching for specific content in G.B. "Garry" Trudeau's Doonesbury comic strip. It comprises extensive character, location, and storyline data for 11,530 unique strips, published between October 26, 1970 and July 31, 2005.

To begin, make a selection from the menu at right (links in this project that are marked with a Toggle or its counterpart Toggle will trigger dynamic content in the current page/view, rather than linking to a new one), or simply start browsing from the dates linked above or characters and locations linked below.

Feature requests, cease and desist letters, and other feedback may be submitted through the form below. Problems or suggestions specific to the rendering of a particular strip, character, location, storyline or document in this project should (if possible) be submitted through the form attached to that record.

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