Alchemic Phone Reactions

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The following reactions are known to produce this element:
Man|Man+Ancient Tech|Building=In the City|House

This element is known to be used in the following reactions:
In the City|House+Air|Air=In the City|Skyscraper
In the City|House+Life|View=Tools|Window
In the City|House+Professions|Thief=Professions|Burglar
In the City|House+Tools|Fence=In the City|Neighbor
In the City|House+Consumables|Plank=Places|Floor
In the City|House+Animals|Mollusc=Animals|Snail
In the City|House+Animals|Wolf=Animals|Dog
In the City|House+Plants|Fungi=People|Smurf
In the City|House+Plants|Grass=Plants|Lawn
In the City|House+In the City|House=Places|Town
In the City|House+Transportation|Car=Transportation|Campervan
In the City|House+Transportation|Road=Transportation|Street